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/// London - Natalise dropped in @ The Spice of Life in Soho for a heartfelt performance! We had an amazing time!

/// Austin - Thank you for welcoming Natalise + the Sunset Run to Texas! We had a blast @ The Blackheart!

/// Los Angeles - Thank you to everyone who came out to Room5 to support Natalise! It was so fun seeing her perform some of her brand new material!

/// Here's another clip from the latest Room5 show: "See Me"
/// Natalise now accepting booking invitations through Spring 2016! Contact or fill out the form below for more info


Check out Natalise's recent exclusive interview with DOPECAUSEWESAID, where she discusses Stanford, balancing life as an artist and MBA student, song meanings, and the Warriors!
/// Check out The OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO for "Open Me" and let Natalise know what you think of the song!
/// Natalise interviews with MUSICREMEDY, where she discusses love, her past, and what "Open Me" means.

/// Natalise interviews with THEOTHERASIANS. Read about her random likes and see exclusive pics!


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