ANNOUNCING: NEW EP Glimpses of the Sun OUT NOW!

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Watch a LIVE Instagram clip of Natalise performing right before she headed to soundcheck for her London show. Check out a snippet of original song "In Our Dreams" on Facebook HERE !

"Stay with Me"
Sam Smith


/// London - Natalise dropped in @ The Spice of Life in Soho for a heartfelt performance! We had an amazing time!

/// Austin - Thank you for welcoming Natalise + the Sunset Run to Texas! We had a blast @ The Blackheart!

/// Los Angeles - Thank you to everyone who came out to Room5 to support Natalise! It was so fun seeing her perform some of her brand new material!

/// Here's another clip from the latest Room5 show: "See Me"
/// Natalise now accepting booking invitations through Spring 2014! Contact or fill out the form below for more info


/// Natalise+theSunsetRun just had a promo photo shoot! Here are some exclusive pics (above + below)!
/// Check out The OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO for "Open Me" and let Natalise know what you think of the song!
/// Natalise interviews with MUSICREMEDY, where she discusses love, her past, and what "Open Me" means.

/// Natalise interviews with THEOTHERASIANS. Read about her random likes and see exclusive pics!


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